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  • 10:29:14 pm on October 5, 2009 | 0

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


    Has formed an alliance with http://WWW.ONLY4DEALS.COM.

    This alliance signals the beginning of consumers and business entities having the ability to purchase & ship products with ease and significant savings on both shipping & purchase costs from over 1,150 USA based retailers and service providers to over 220 countries worldwide.

    Most of the time USA based companies do not provide shipping or accept credit or debit card payment from shoppers from countries outside the USA. But the products, best selection and best prices are very often at these United States based online stores.


    “Consumers and businesses from all over the world need to have the ability to purchase what they want from where they want and have it delivered fast and easy. They also need to be able to access the best selection and pricing on any products and services they desire, this alliance now makes that possible” “We are here to provide shoppers that service”. “You will have the ability to purchase from multiple companies and then ship it to you as one complete order with all your items to save you even more”. Christopher Haskell, Vice President solves that problem by handling every step of the transaction from your initial order to it arriving at your doorstep virtually anywhere in the world.

    Our facility is equipped to take your order, process payment, receive your order, and consolidate your packages. Orders are processed daily for consumers and businesses. We ship from 1 item to 1,000 items and more, there is no minimum or maximum order limits. We also provide real time order tracking, so you always know where your order is.

    provides the best shipping rates from the USA to over 220 countries from their consolidation and bulk shipping facility in Florida, in the United States.

    Shoppers in over 220 countries worldwide ordering products from USA based stores can now:

    receives and publishes the best deals online daily from over 1,150 of the most popular and well known USA stores and service providers. “We pride ourselves in providing the consumer with the best available prices from the online stores and making it easy for them to find the best deals online.” Robert Price, Publisher Find Best Deals

    Get Easy

    Get the Best Shipping Rates for delivery to your doorstep

    All in 2 easy steps

    Media contact:

    Olaf Olen

    Sign-up online at

    Shop for your order at:

    on whatever you buy.International Payment Processing and Order Consolidation for all your shipping needs., and use your address when you order from your favorite stores or use the personal shopper at


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